Design & Ordering Process

Each sculpture I make is an original. Most of the designs start out as a sketch. Once the design is approved I actually hand draw and hand cut every piece. I use a plasma torch for the cutting and a variety of grinding/ burnishing techniques to finish the surface of the art. Then lightly shaping the sculpture to give it it’s finished look. The good thing about this process is that I can really fine tune the design to fit the clients interest and needs.

Once the sculpture is completed I send detailed images of finished artwork to the client. Once approved, the sculpture is packaged and shipped to the client after the final payment has been made.
Note: 50% deposit is required on all orders.

Size & Pricing

Solo Fish

As for the solo fish and smaller more simple designs go, most of the sculptures start at 24″ long.
Size and Pricing:
24″ = $150 to $390
30″ = $400 to $515
36″ = $530 to $670
48″ = $710 to $870
60″ = $920 to $1,390
72″ = $1,400 to $2,100
96″ = 2,330 to $3,750.

Black Magic

Custom Orders

I price my custom ( Vignettes and Murals ) a bit differently than just a solo fish or more simple design. Generally the Vignettes are larger and more detailed art pieces. Showcasing a fish, boat, angler, sea bottom or mangroves etc..

This option is for clients looking for a sculpture that is more personalized to fit there interest. For example: Creating their dream fishing scene! Featuring their boat, favorite species of fish, birds, bait etc. Really the options are endless!

Here are some size and price examples for custom artwork:
Custom vignettes examples: (these numbers are width, not height)
40″= $715 to $975
48″= $990 to $1,950
60″= $1,975 to $2,950
72″= $3,200 to $4,775
96″ and up requires customized quotes. Really the price depends on the size and detail of the art piece. The more detail and cut lines in the art the more expensive the art piece.
Note: 50% deposit is required on all orders.
For commercial work and whole sale inquiries please email or call for quote.

Have questions? Email Caleb Goins for more.